At Ability Rehab we see first-hand, every day how physical therapy enhances people’s lives.

If you have been a patient here we’d love to get feedback on your treatment experience with us. You will have the option to make this feedback public or private.

Thank you in advance for helping us to improve our quality of service.

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Here’s what patients are saying…

Dr. Jorge was able to pinpoint where my problem was, and determine the best exercises to find a solution, all in a short period of time. This was after I had spent a long time with another PT location. Thank you!


I really can’t tell you how grateful I am for the Physical Therapy I received at Ability Rehabilitation Specialists.


The pain in my knee is pretty much gone. I can stand up without worrying or pain


I found my therapist to be very knowledgeable, kind and caring. She was truly dedicated to my recovery.

Leslie B.

I feel that pre-op therapy has better enabled me to have good results and recover from my surgery faster. I plan to continue after my knee replacement.


I really can’t fully express how grateful I am for the physical therapy I received at Ability Rehab.


The therapists were very good and used a variety of methods to help improve my muscles – the trigger point therapy was particularly helpful.

Joanne W.

ARS helped my 15-year-old son work through his recovery after shoulder surgery. He is thrilled to be cleared and back to playing football!


I am now able to walk for longer periods of time. The exercises designed for me continue to help me in my home program.


The pain in my knee is pretty much gone and mostly forgotten. I can sit down and get up normally without worrying.


Everyone was very professional and courteous.


The entire staff was wonderful to work with. They were accommodating and responsive and really cool. A big thank you to everyone in the office!

Anne J.

I have not fallen since I began attending Balance Class. I continue to do the exercises I learned at least 4 times per week.

Sharon G.

My back muscles have less pain and I have greater flexibility. I can also walk much better.


After a year of failed treatment at several other rehab facilities, my therapist at Ability Rehab was able to approach me and my injury with an exceptional combination of intelligence, training, intuition, and kindness.

Barbara R.

After 9 treatments on my shoulder and arm I now have total movement restored. I can put on my seat belt without even thinking about it.

Barbara C.

I can now move my left leg forward without a mechanical aid – which makes walking much easier. My strength and endurance have greatly improved as well.

Vera M.

After several months of therapy my ankle is much stronger. I rarely wear the brace that my doctor said would be forever to avoid severe pain.

Sally J.

All the therapists were informative, considerate, and compassionate about my well-being as a client.

Joan R.

Through the use of massage and exercise my therapists helped to alleviate my condition to a considerable degree. They were excellent and I would highly recommend their treatment.

Sydney F.

I am now walking freely without pain or the need for a cane.


After six months of treatment here at Ability Rehab I am totally out of pain. The exercises and simple manipulations have worked miracles.

Jean S.

The staff is wonderful: knowledgeable, patient and encouraging. I’m happy to say that physical therapy at Ability Rehab has been a huge benefit to me.


I am now able to resume living a more active lifestyle and doing all my daily activities easily in comfort.


My therapist had so much patience and concern with what I could do each day. My balance has greatly improved and overall I’m feeling 100% better. I highly recommend Ability Rehab.


I have improved my ability to navigate curbs, steps, and stairs. My gait has also improved thanks to the help of my therapist.


Since pre-operative therapy I am stronger in my core and legs. I have more movement and less pain.

Ruth A.

I am very happy with my ability to return to my daily walks.


Physical Therapy is a very important part of recovery. My therapist helped me to have decreased pain, increased strength, increased range of motion, and increased level of function. Her constant encouragement kept me doing my exercises at home.


Each session I go home with a great feeling of accomplishment. I am actually surprised with my improvement each week. It makes me want to work harder and harder to please my therapist.


Through my therapist’s patient guidance and specific exercises (which were very challenging to do at first) I am able to walk down a sidewalk in a straight line and my legs are stronger. I am eternally grateful to Julie and her staff.


I have definitely had improvement from physical therapy. I highly recommend Julie and her staff. They have really helped me.

Rebecca B.

Coming to a facility that is clean and run in a professional manner has been a big asset for me. I have had neck and back therapy for over 25 years in La Jolla and San Diego, and I rate Ability Rehab as the #1 therapy specialist I have been to.


I believe that my physical therapy sessions are helping and will continue to do so. My progress is very encouraging.


My balance is very much improved and I feel much more secure to catch myself. My mobility is way better and I’m able to walk longer with much less fatigue.

Zelda K.

I want to thank you all so much for helping me get my leg muscles in such good shape that I can walk without pain. I am looking forward to not having to use a walker as much as before.


I can now walk normally, reasonable distances, with much better posture and less effort.


My therapists are very friendly and always make my day. I am now back to my job as an ICU nurse, able to take care of patients again. Thank you for helping me back from disability.


Being committed to physical therapy and having therapists who are dedicated to my recovery has made all the difference.


In only a month here my leg feels more connected and my gait has improved. I am very excited about my improvement and I have more confidence.


Because my therapist’s assessment of the problem was so comprehensive and her skills so diverse, I am now pain free and fully restored to my former level of functioning.


Therapy has improved my quality of life in many ways. I have had significant improvement in my balance and my overall body strength has increased.


The level of expertise, knowledge, skill, compassion and sensitivity were far and above anything I have experienced from any other physical therapist… I can wholeheartedly recommend Ability Rehab to any patients requiring physical therapy.


You have a special kind of caring magic that you weave throughout your work. All who come to you are so fortunate to have you to help them. Thank you for your gentle kindness.

Marilyn B.

I immediately felt the therapists could understand the difficulties I was experiencing… to instantly target a regimen of therapy and strengthening.


When I came to you after a back injury I was in such pain I could barely move and was certain I would never recover. The expertise of your back specialist has returned me to my former level of functioning. There are just not enough adjectives to describe the gratitude I feel about the level of care I received while being treated at your rehab facility.

Shirley G.

Thank you for guiding me back to normal activity after knee surgery… Your team of therapists are highly skilled, compassionate professionals. Both my doctor and I are very pleased with my progress.


Therapy at Ability Rehabilitation has well been worth the effort of improving my stability in walking, standing, and, above all, confidence. The workouts provided me with the ability to walk better and navigate stairways much better.

Berthel R.

I have found my therapist to be very professional, knowledgeable, and competent in her field. As a result of her personalized program, I was able to achieve far more than I thought possible.

Karen C.

I cannot THANK YOU enough for all the good you have done for me… You have given me the exercises to conquer my handicap and I am able to get around with a minimum of help. I would certainly recommend your clinic to anyone.

Nathan G.

The physical therapy I have received from Ability Rehab has improved my quality of life in many ways; it has also provided me with training to live life with Multiple Sclerosis.

Jack D.

Ability has made me more aware of correct posture habits and how affected weak muscles operate.

Louise H.

Julie Stevens Hom and her staff have successfully addressed many of the problems associated with my balance and gait. I can actually climb steps normally, put on pants without sitting, and, on a good day, walk a straight line.

Michael N.

ARS changed my life. After several car accidents and years of improper exercising… I was unable to sit or do ANYTHING without pain. Under their care the pain left, I became stronger than ever and gratefully returned to the gym. Today, I exercise regularly using a program my therapist designed for me.


After seeking help from different health professionals for a long time running injury, the orthopedic specialist at Ability Rehab was finally the one person who was able to locate the source. She worked with me and was able to get me strong and healthy enough to successfully complete my first half ironman distance.


After undergoing a significant shoulder surgery and weeks of immobilization, I was unable to move my arm. Within 4 months, my therapist was able to return my shoulder to nearly full range of motion, and improve my strength. The treatment that I received was better than anyone could hope for, and has allowed me to return to my life, healthier and more active than before.

Brian W.

I feel the people at Ability Rehabilitation are very dedicated and passionate about their work.

Isabel P.

Everyone in the office has been very nice, friendly, and always wanting to help. The therapists are helping me accomplish my goals, and I am very grateful.

Pam A.

My balance and walking has improved, which has allowed me to return to my daily walks. Physical therapy at Ability has really improved my capability to perform everyday activities.


The physical therapists at Ability Rehab have helped me make a full recovery. For the first time I feel like I can use my shoulder and there is no pain. They are the best!


I was very fortunate to be sent to Ability by my doctor… The staff was so enjoyable and I am grateful for their help.


I was skeptical about any benefit I might receive from physical therapy. After one month on the program there was significant improvement. No question, I would unhesitatingly recommend their treatment.


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