Stroke and Brain Injury

It is not too late to start recovery…

With extensive education and years of specialized experience, Ability Rehab’s neurologic therapists are San Diego’s leaders in movement recovery treatment for stroke and brain injury survivors.

Whether you sustained a recent injury or have dealt with a condition for years, our neurological approach takes you beyond standard physical therapy to help you:

  • Re-learn optimal movement and minimize compensations.
  • Minimize tone and spasticity.
  • Re-establish midline and equal use of both sides of the body.
  • Increase strength, flexibility and endurance.
  • Optimize the timing of balance reactions.

Ability Rehab’s Movement Recovery program helps clients:

  • Increase independence with mobility (bed mobility, transfers, walking, running).
  • Walk at a faster pace and longer distances.
  • Increase the use of an involved limb.
  • Increase ease of movement.
  • Dress independently.
  • Assess home safety.
  • Decrease fall risk.

Ask us about our programs involving the Walk-Aide and Bioness L300, utilized for walking assistance and improving foot drop.

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