Jorge Sarmiento, MSPT, MBA-HCM

Jorge Sarmiento, MSPT, MBA-HCM, CCI

Jorge Sarmiento is a physical therapist with an extensive education background. He has a Bachelor’s in Social Anthropology and Archeology from UCSD, an MS in Physical Therapy from the University of Findlay, and also holds an MBA in Health Care Management from the University of Phoenix. Jorge has over 20 years of physical rehabilitation experience, with expertise in treating Parkinson’s, MS, stroke, closed head injuries, sports injuries, sports performance, and physical rehabilitation for children.

Jorge began his rehabilitation career as a Physical Therapy Assistant for the U.S. Navy. During this time, he provided rehabilitation of sports injuries and trauma for candidates to the U.S. Navy SEALs, and was also a trainer for the U.S. Armed Forces during the Armed Forces Olympic Games in Germany. In 2006, Jorge finished his advanced training in Physical Therapy with focus on manual therapy, neurological disorders and orthopedics. He has extensive experience in acute, sub-acute and outpatient settings. Before joining Ability Rehab, he was the Lead Physical Therapist at Redwood Terrace in Escondido, where he worked in both the outpatient and inpatient areas where he provided one-on-one therapeutic interventions and manual therapy. Jorge is also a Certified Clinical Instructor for DPT students and is an adjunct professor at the University of St. Augustine DPT/MOT program.

Jorge has also expanded his knowledge of orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation with seminars that include Advanced Management Evaluation/Treatment of the Spine and Pelvis, Balance Program, Fall Prevention, Advanced Evaluation and Treatment of the Neck, and a sports injury fellowship at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, VA. Jorge is an avid reader of medical and rehabilitation literature and enjoys working with the latest technology, as well as hiking in his spare time.

Here’s what some of Jorge’s patients had to say…

“I have had several prior occasions to have physical therapy. Jorge Sarmiento is truly that finest, most outstanding and best physical therapist with whom I’ve ever worked. He is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, caring, and more than willing to go the extra mile. I believe the speed of my recovery has had much to do with his care and assistance.”

Alvin B

“I didn’t believe it was going to happen- you assured me it would and then oversaw the work it took to accomplish it- I am walking! Without a limp or a walker- even a cane- you’re a FIRM taskmaster and I take your advice seriously. Thank you."

Darbe H.

“What more can I say about the best therapist I ever went to. He is so professional, caring and more.”

Dorothy P.

“Jorge is the ultimate professional, yet never loses focus on the patient’s needs. He is zealous for patient improvement, and demonstrates great patience in pursing it. I owe so much to him, I lack words adequately to thank him.”

Jim B.

“He was always focused on my needs and figuring out which way to have me do things. He is very good at working with people and putting us at ease as he patiently explains why we need to do more than we want to. He even learned a new meaning to doing things “normally” as my normal was not what most considered normal. He stressed what needed to be stressed over and over until I finally said OK. He was very caring and the greatest to work with.”

Lenella S.

“I was so happy to get to work with you. You have such a great talent and caring. You are patient and kind. I trusted you to the fullest and knew I was getting top #1 care…I am so pleased with the progress you helped me achieve and all that you taught me.”

Al C.

“Jorge is excellent in his ability to work with patients and get the best results possible.”

Mr. M.

“Jorge runs a very professional physical therapy department. He has demonstrated great compassion and pays attention to the details of my needs in therapy. It was a pleasure to work with Jorge.”

Cheryl A.

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